Why First Impressions Count

Jessica Dunn, Marketing Director JC Realty Regina.

Putting your home up for sale can be a daunting task and that’s where our Marketing Director, Jessica Dunn comes in. With a decade of real estate experience under her belt, she knows what buyers are looking for in a home and what features will help you stand out from the rest. After a consult with her, she will help you get your home “Show Ready.” As agents, it’s our job to put you in the best position to sell your home in the shortest amount of time for the most money as possible. That’s why at JC Realty Regina, getting your home looking its best is a top priority.

Sometimes, all it takes is for Jessica to go over three key things with our sellers: de-cluttering, de-personalizing, and deep cleaning. In other instances, she helps re-arrange furniture and brings in a few pieces to enhance the home’s features. And for the big jobs, she recommends bringing in a professional stager who has the experience and resources to help transform a vacant space into an inviting home. Capturing this setting via a professional photographer and videographer is a critical piece to our marketing strategy, and when a home is looking amazing, the photos will speak for themselves.

Why Bother?

Before and after of a master bedroom Jessica recently staged.

SIMPLE. Clients shop with logic but buy with emotion. A home may be priced well, it’s located in that perfect neighbourhood, an has the required number of bedrooms and baths, but if that buyer doesn’t fall in love with it…. ERRRR sorry off to the next one. Most buyers are doing that before even walking in the door, they are judging everything your home has to offer mostly on photos and videos online. That’s why the “To Do List” of repairs needs to be complete and that the house has a great first impression, inside and out. We are not just selling a house, we are selling a dream, a lifestyle, an end goal, and we need to evoke the feeling of, “ahhhh, I’m home,” to the buyer. 

Buyers can be unimaginative. It’s a weird concept but buyers do have trouble imagining what their things would look like a space. That’s why we need to paint them the visual of an inviting home and to ensure that spaces in your property have a purpose. If potential owners can’t picture how they could utilize the space, they won’t be able to emotionally connect with your home. Imagining themselves and their family living happily in the property is your goal, not highlighting deficiencies that will negatively impact their decision making.

Professionally staged bonus room by Honoway Interiors of a previous listing sold by JC Realty 2017.

Buyers are expecting it. Buyers are making one of their biggest financial decisions of their lives and are expecting that your property is going to give them everything they are wanting in a home. You may be in a market where there is a lot of competition or every house looks the same on your street, so you need to stand out. Staging your home shows the future owner that you care about your property and it may show them something different, unique, that the other homes can’t offer… the, “I’ve fallen in love” feeling with your home. Remember, you are trying to connect on a deeper personal level, so you can find that perfect match for your home. Jessica uses the analogy of your house going on it’s biggest job interview of it’s life. First impressions matter and that’s why making your home look as best as it can is so important.

Staged homes sell faster and for money according to many American statistics. In Jessica’s experience, that is usually the case. Effective pricing and staging are a winning combo and will give you better odds of more people being interested in your property, which leads to more showings, which leads to more opportunities for offers. Investing in the minor repairs or renting furniture for a month may be worth it. When weighing the pros and cons, calculate what your carrying costs would be every month it sits on the market. Mortgage payments, home insurance, and utilities can add up. The longer it sits, it’s more likely that you will need to adjust the only thing you can control, which is the price. It may be a risk that is necessary to ensure you get the best price for your home as quick as possible. And staging your home doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to break the bank. A fresh coat of paint or a few pieces of art work could really update a room for less than $150.

Jessica’s Top Five Things To Help Get Your Home Show Ready:

  1. De-clutter & De-personalize: You have decided to move, so it’s time to go through your house and decide was you need, throw out, donate, sell, or start to pack away. Editing your closets, drawers, and storage rooms will feel liberating and you will begin to see your home in a new light. While you are at it, it will be time to start packing away personal photos, religious items, and store your personal hygiene products away. 
  2. Complete the “To Do” List: Everybody has one. Start tackling one task at a time that your budget can manage. The less the buyer has to do, the better. Things like fixing that door handle, repairing those drywall nicks, or replacing that light fixture will all be expected from people viewing your home.
  3. Don’t forget about your curb appeal: Many times, buyers will do a “drive-by” of a home and we have had instances when they won’t even get out of the car and give the house a chance due to the curb appeal looking rough. Give your siding a pressure wash, touch up your trim with new paint, mow your lawn, and brighten up that front porch with some gorgeous potted flowers. Every little detail matters.
  4. Show off your space: Now it’s time to ensure that each room in your home has a purpose. For example, don’t have your bedroom cluttered with gym equipment and computers, make it feel like a place to rest your head and unwind after a long day. Showing off your space also means to amplify how much room you actually have. One way to do this is to take everything off your counters in the kitchen, or omitting clunky pieces of furniture in your living room.
  5. Give your home a deep clean: Give your house a deep clean, as if you were moving into it for the first time. Spend extra time in areas where your pets hang out, clean your carpets and dust those hard to reach places. It’s amazing how you become accustomed to your family’s odour, so even having a professional cleaner come in can really help out.

Remember, JC Realty Regina can give you a hand with all of this and help you prioritize what needs to be done before listing your home. Just another advantage of why working with a team is the right choice.


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