What Does A REALTOR® Do Anyway? Offer Edition

You don’t want to find yourself clueless when it comes to making an offer and working through the offer conditions. This is truly one area that having a REALTOR® is most beneficial. Whether you are buying or selling a trusted professional will make sure every aspect is handled, from negotiating price and conditions to carrying though the terms of the offer on the set timelines. We take the guess work out of it all and ensure you are getting exactly what you want out of the deal.


Let’s talk about the negotiation. Buying and selling a home is likely one of the largest financial transactions you’ll be a part of. There is a lot of money at stake and getting parties to agree on terms is no easy task. You just get to sit back and call the shots and let your agent figure out how to make your wishes a reality. We have many tools to ensure you’re getting a fair price, including access to comparable sales and experience in dealing with similar transactions and situations. It’s imperative to come to an agreement that both parties are happy with. So having the sound advice from an agent that is on your side is truly going to give you the upper hand in coming to an agreement and moving the deal forward. Along with purchase price, we also negotiate the deposit amount, offer conditions, condition timelines, possession, inclusions and offer terms.  

The paperwork. Surprisingly, most people don’t actually fully read the offer documents, at least not in my experience. They are long, drawn out and full of legal jargon most people just don’t understand anyway. But trust me when I say, every line in those documents are necessary and important. That’s why we as agents fully understand them and our clients don’t need to worry because we will explain the key components that they need to be aware of. But if you don’t have representation, you better be sure you read and understand each and every word of it. Not to mention know how to draft and incorporate any necessary additional terms into to the offer that is pertinent to that particular transaction. REALTORS® work with standard forms that are built to protect the parties involved and are constantly being updated by our association.    

Why experience matters. Often seemingly simple transactions can take a turn and have a plethora of complications arise. After years in the real estate industry, I still scratch my head and have to seek advice from a colleague at times. This is truly an industry that keeps us all on our toes and we as agents are constantly learning and gaining experience through each client we work with. We have to work together with many different professionals to make things happen. Speaking of which, we have experience working with those professionals and know exactly who to call when we need to get things done. Many people think they have experience with buying and selling their previous homes, so why not take a crack at it as a private seller? This is great if you have the time, education and experience to walk yourself through the deal; however, most people do not have experience with daily real estate trades in the current market, which your REALTOR® will.   

Even REALTORS® hire another REALTOR® to represent them when they buy and sell real estate. We often joke in our industry about how real estate agents are terrible at selling their own properties. When in fact, everyone is. For a very simple reason, you are too close to the transaction and too emotionally attached to the home and the money tied up in it to see the facts clearly. We are all our own worst enemy in these cases, and you don’t want your worst enemy representing you when hundreds of thousand of dollars are on the line. A professional offers a different perspective then you will have on things and keeps the focus on the main goal, closing the transaction. We take the emotions out of it and give practical advice on every decision and are confident you are making the best move. 

Lots of important decisions are made during the offer period. Decisions you don’t want to be second guessing the rest of your life. A trusted agent ensures that you’ve thought every aspect through and made the right call under the circumstances. I won’t even get into what goes on behind the scenes that fortunately most sellers and buyers are blissfully unaware of. Buying and selling real estate is stressful enough, let someone else absorb a bit of the stress, so you can focus on moving forward and making your real estate goals a reality.  






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