What Does A REALTOR® Do Anyway? House Hunting Edition

House hunting is an exciting time for home buyers. Looking at properties, envisioning your new life and all the ways a house upgrade will benefit your lifestyle. But it can also be very daunting trying to navigate the process and all of the listings. A REALTOR® is your personal concierge, ultimately our job is to educate you, ensure you are confident in your decision and love the home you choose. Here is a run down on why you want to find the right REALTOR® and what that agent actually does to represent your best interests. 


Did you know it’s absolutely free for buyers to have a REALTOR
® represent them? 

We get paid by the seller from the proceeds of the sale of the house you purchase. So we don’t see any money until after you take possession of your new home. We make an investment into you and ensure the deal is carried through with care and attention until the very end. We invest a lot of our time into our buyer clients, so we ask that you make the same investment and commit to working with us until you are ready to make an offer and ultimately have us represent you in your purchase. Your best decision of the whole process will be finding an agent that truly has your best interest in mind. You literally have nothing to lose. 

We can represent you in a private sale. 

For the most part, the commission amount is set on the listing agreement between the seller and their agent and is factored in at the time of listing. When working with private sellers or ComFree, we just negotiate our commission into the deal at the offer presentation. Keep in mind, the commission affects the sellers bottom line the same as it would with a MLS® seller and the market value of the home does not change based on factoring in a commission, so you won’t end up paying more for the home in these cases. In fact, most ComFree sales are handled with a buyer’s agent. Just because they choose not to be represented by a professional doesn’t mean that an educated, prudent buyer would want to go unrepresented.  

House hunt on your schedule.

It’s about you, not us. We want to ensure you find a home on your schedule. Everyone is busy with work, kids, and other commitments. One of the benefits of working with a team of agents is that we make sure we have an agent available that can accommodate your scheduling needs. Whether that be evenings, weekends, or that very specific time in between leaving the office and heading to your workout. You don’t need to worry about missing out on your dream home because you couldn’t get in for a viewing. 

Ensure you don’t miss any properties of interest.

We have a wonderful user-friendly tool called a Listing Portal, in which you will be emailed all available listings in your criteria along with new listings as they hit the market. You can be confident that all of your options are in one “go-to” spot. We also take the time to listen to your wants and needs to help you establish your ideal neighbourhood and home based on your budget and lifestyle so we can help you filter out the noise. You’re the boss. It’s your choice what you want to look at and we certainly don’t want to drag you through houses that you don’t like. We’ll take care of scheduling and coordinating appointments with the sellers. This method is much more efficient than trying to schedule your own appointments with individual agents who represent the seller of the property.  

We have many tools to help educate you on the home buying process.

You’ll quickly start to learn the value of homes as we begin to work our way through the listings you’ve selected, but we will ensure you get the home of your choice for a good price by reviewing comparable sold properties with you so you have a realistic opinion of value. Don’t focus too much on the list price but how the property compares to the comparable sold properties. 

There is so much involved in the process that we help with. From negotiating, determining the appropriate deposit amount, helping you decide what conditions to put in your offer, to which trusted professionals will be carrying out your inspections. We organize everything from booking inspections, sending your lender the offer documents, coordinating your key release with the lawyer and completing a walk through on possession day.

My best advice is to find a REALTOR® who you trust to represent you. Every real estate transaction is a complex process and many obstacles can arise. Experience is the only tool that can help you navigate through any problems. You won’t have to stress because an expert is there to guide you. We will hold your hand along the way and alleviate the stress of the unknown, make sure all the moving parts stay on track and timelines are met.

Our main goal is a happy home buyer who sings our praises to all your friends and family.   



Team Driven. Client Focused.

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