Wallpaper Edition: Upgrades That Make An Impact But Won’t Break The Bank

Looking for a way to completely transform a space but is also easy on the wallet? Consider adding wallpaper to your design. We know. Wallpaper has a pretty bad rap. Believe us… we have seen a few horrible jobs in our day. But wallpaper is making a huge come back in design trends, and it may be exactly what your dull space is lacking to add a punch of personality. 

Similar to painting, wallpaper can completely rework a space and give it that wow factor you have been seeking. Wallpaper has come a long way in the past decade with literally thousands of bold patterns and subtle palettes for every taste. It’s easier to apply and take down than ever before, so it’s not as permanent as you may think. 

Use It As A Focal Point. There are thousands of design selections when it comes to wallpaper, and bold mural prints are a big hit right now. If your room is lacking focus or some wow factor, many designers are opting to use this application as it’s one custom art installation, designing their space around a specific wallpaper. We are noticing this in office settings, nurseries, and powder rooms.

Set the Mood. If you are trying to create a specific mood or vibe in a space, wallpaper can add to your ambience. Whether you are trying to create a calming, subdued en-suite or an edgy, empowering home office that will keep you inspired, wallpaper can be the design installation that you are looking for.

Designing With The Elements. Wallpaper is incredibly versatile and can add that extra design element that you are missing. This is just another opportunity to add color, pattern, texture, or a softness against your more neutral pieces that are already in your space.

Create A Custom Look. We find that if you purchase a spec home or a familiar cookie cutter layout, you can instantly make a room look custom and high end simply by adding an on-trend wallpaper. So, you can save some money on your purchase and add your own personal touch easily with wallpaper.

Not sure how to go about selecting a wallpaper that works best for you? We highly recommend connecting with a designer like Corrie at CK One Design. She has over a decade of design experience under her belt and specifically specializes in wallpaper. And if installation is why you are hesitant, she can tackle that for you too! Take a look at our latest video where Jessica connects with Corrie to chat about all things wallpaper.

Jessica chats with Corrie from CK One Design on how you can use wallpaper to make a dramatic impact in your space.

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