Upgrades That Won’t Break The Bank: De-Cluttering Edition

One of the ways you can make a big impact on your space and your lifestyle is to de-clutter. It’s one of the cheapest ways to make your home feel more open, inviting, organized, and even bigger! However, it’s probably one of the hardest tasks to maintain and keep up. The huge phenomenon of the Konmari movement has created a frenzy in North America and with good reason. People hold onto a lot of material things and have a consumer mindset to buy, love it for a bit, and then repeat. Her take of living minimally and only keeping what you truly care about is refreshing and freeing in a sense. But is it realistic to maintain? Here are a few tips from Regina’s very own Clutter Coach, Amanda Lai & Listing Stylist, Jessica Dunn that’s realistic and attainable.

  1. Start by tackling a small spot first and work your way up to the big jobs. Amanda suggests trying to tackle a cutlery drawer first before trying to conquer your entire kitchen! You will stay on task and be able to focus on one specific thing instead of creating opportunities where you run out of time or steam and completely abandon the project entirely.
  2. Empty the space you are de-cluttering entirely and only bring back in items that belong. So yes, empty out that linen closet first, organize what will go back in there, and plan out where it belongs.
  3. Create visual piles and begin sorting. Name them: KEEP, DONATE, SELL, RECYCLE, DISCARD, BELONGS ELSEWHERE. Leave that last pile we just talked about for last. That way you are not distracted about where every item that doesn’t belong there should go.
  4. Organizing doesn’t have to be pretty. You don’t have to go out and buy overpriced storage solutions just so it looks nice. Utilize what you have at home if you can. A good tip if you have to go out a buy storage tubs is to purchase the clear ones so things can easily be spotted if necessary.
  5. For the big jobs, such as downsizing your home of 4o+ years, bring an outsider to help. De-cluttering can be very therapeutic to many, but could also cause extreme anxiety to another. The thought of letting things go can be incredibly overwhelming, so ensure you get ahead of this early one prior to moving and bring in someone with an outside perspective that won’t rush or pressure you.

When it comes to preparing your home for sale, this is the biggest trick Jessica has up her sleeve to help our sellers make their home look it’s best for the market. She has an eye for what needs to be stored, packed, or simply used in a different fashion. People often live around their clutter and don’t even notice it after awhile. It’s like they are “clutter blind” but it still subconsciously impacts us.

If you need help in this department on a grander scale or simply want to develop the habit of having a de-cluttered space, connect with the Regina Clutter Coach! Find her at: 306.537.5266 | reginacluttercoach@gmail.com

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