You’ve been sitting on the market for months with a handful of showings and you hear is, “You just need to be patient. This buyer’s market is tough right now.” Thanks for stating the obvious, right! That is not helping you deal with your frustration, stress, and anxiety about this whole move. It really really boils down to hiring the right real state agent that you trust, who regularly communicates with you and works with you as a team to come up with the ultimate game plan. Here are a few tactics we use that has improved our chances to procure offers for our sellers, even when we can’t control what’s happening in our real estate market.



Did this happen to you? Agent popped in, did a quick walk through, got you to sign some papers, and slapped a For Sale sign up and left? Three months later, you are no further ahead and are incredibly frustrated with the process? This happens all the time, but it could have been avoided if you ask these critical questions before signing on the dotted line.

How long does a house like mine in my neighbourhood typically take to sell? Any competent agent will have done the research or can quickly look it up for you so you have a better grasp of long your house is going to sit. If you think it’s going to take three weeks and the actual average house takes over 120 days sell, you’ve already set yourself up for failure by not finding out this vital information. If you know approximately how long it will take to get an offer before going into the process, you can properly plan your move and manage your expectations better.

What is expected of me to get the home “show ready”? If your agent is not giving you pointers on what to tackle, maybe get a second opinion from a stager. Properties are often rushed to market, photos feature messy rooms, and run into inflexible sellers who make it tough for an agent to show it. Also, find out what you should be doing with your pets! All of these things need to be discussed prior to listing.

Where will you be marketing my property and how can I help? Have your agent list out what their plan of attack is and how you can be a part of it. Sharing your video on Facebook, keeping your home tidy for showings, or being super flexible for viewings are just a couple of things you can do.

How often will I be hearing from you during this process? Some clients prefer to get a quick text after hearing back from showings, some just want to chat when something big needs to happen. Tell your agent what your concerns are and how often you want to be updated. Our team sends out feedback via email or text, and bi-weekly reports about the number of showings we get; hits we are getting via our marketing tactics; and obviously, when we think we need to adjust something on the listing.

Don’t hire an agent solely on price and commission. If you enlist an agent to sell your home because they told you what you wanted to hear, you need to re-evaluate what specific qualities and criteria you are looking for in an agent. We suggest working with a REALTOR® who you trust, communicates on a regular basis, and knows how to stickhandle objections when they arise. Sure, price and commission are important but evaluate them on how they came up with that price range and what they actually do for their commission.


Throwing up a For Sale sign before it’s ready could be pretty detrimental. Why? Because your best chance of selling your home for the most money is in the first three weeks.

So freshen up the curb appeal, tackle the little jobs, and set the stage. If you are not in a position to take care of those damaged shingles or that dilapidated deck, it doesn’t hurt to get a quote for these things so your buyer is aware upfront of what they are about to buy. Most buyers (especially those purchasing for the first time), don’t want a list of renos to complete before they set foot into a home. They get overwhelmed pretty quickly because they are unaware of what it will cost, especially if they are not handy. It’s best to wait a few weeks until it’s ready to go then to rush it to market.


Do you know how fast someone can swipe to the next listing? Less than a second. This step is so critical when you are up against a tonne of inventory. Let’s look at this scenario. You need to list your house, but there are six just like it on your street. How do you stand-out and get noticed? That’s where styling, staging, and creative marketing come into play and this is where the JC Realty Team shines.

Vacant Properties. There is no doubt that your home will show better, attract more buyers, and seller quicker when your property is staged. People shop with logic but buy with emotion. 7 out of 10 buyers can’t envision furniture in a space. You have to create that visual for them. It’s incredibly difficult for someone to get emotionally attached to an empty room. When listings are vacant, buyers also tend to see all the little imperfections and dwell on the negative points. We have a trusted stager that we refer in these situations and her work has proven to help when the price is accurate!

Listing While Occupied. The majority of our sellers are in this situation. Though, your home will appear more homey, many people need to do some serious de-cluttering, deep cleaning, and adding a splash of personality to kick it up a notch to get noticed. That’s where we come in. We have a Listing Specialist that has a knack for showcasing the key features of your home and has a stash of decor inventory to style your property to make it look more cohesive and inviting.

Eye-catching marketing and creative content is another way we capture a buyer’s attention. Using professional photographers and videographers is our best tool to capture the essence of your home. Not only does a professional have the proper equipment an editing capability, their expertise enables them to record the perfect angle, pull in the right lighting, and create the flawless composition of a room like no other could. Once someone is hooked by the images, we pull them in even closer to read about your home and what it has to offer. Picking 3-4 specific features that a home buyer “needs” to have is a great tip to grasp their attention and leave them wanting more. Having a marketing magician at our office gives us an advantage and has improved our chances to generate more leads for our listings.


Done all the above, but it’s still isn’t selling? Your price is probably not aligned with the current comparables. One tip is to have your agent re-evaluate every 30-60 days to see if you are in line with what has been selling. Sometimes, the initial price is not what the current market is willing to bear. For example, your asking price was at $400,000 but six similar homes have just sold in your area well below that, driving the average price down to $380,000. You now look overpriced to those educated buyers, and they will either skip your listing entirely or expect way more from your property. Get in front of the curve and align your price.


If you are ever exasperated with the process, call your agent over for a coffee and work out a strategy that works for the both of you. Communication and working together is key. They should be helping you navigate the process, informing you on when you need to bend or hold firm. Their job is to specifically create a plan to sell your home. At the end of the day, you are both wanting the same thing so look at cooperating and work together to get the results you need. Lastly, listen to their advice and review the facts they provide for you. That is, after all, why you hired them in the first place.



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