Listen Up Sellers… This Is How You Should Be Leaving Your Property For Possession Day

Too often, the possession date rolls around for our excited new buyers, only to open the door to a complete mess. This is extremely frustrating and could have easily been avoided if only the Seller’s Agent discussed the expectations of how their home should be left for the next owner. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Ensure the property is left free of debris, garbage, and your belongings. Nobody wants your stuff or the hassle of taking your items to the dump!!!
  • Make sure the property is clean – the way you would want someone to leave it for you: appliances, cupboards/countertops, bathrooms, floors/carpets/walls, yard/garage, furnace filter
  • Leave all spare keys, mail keys, and garage door openers on counter
  • Leave any manuals for appliances and warranty info
  • Leave any extra paint for touch-ups
  • Anything bolted to the walls will remain unless stated in the purchase agreement
  • Ensure that you have forwarded your mail to your new address
  • Leave a brief note to the new owner letting them know when garbage day is, and/or any small details that they may need to know (i.e. where your exterior water shut-off valve is)
  • And most importantly, the Sellers and their belongings ABSOLUTELY need to be out of the premises BEFORE Possession Day – no exception!   Make this a pleasant experience for the new home owner… wouldn’t you want that in return?

If you can’t meet these expectations… make sure to hire a professional cleaner to tackle this. Jessica chats with local professional cleaner Christie Bjolverud with Cleaning with Class to talk about possession cleaning.

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