Ready For A Fixer-Upper? Connect With Kyla For The Best Advice When Purchasing A Renovation Project

You’re not alone if you are one of those buyers hunting for that perfect mature location in Regina; however, that usually comes with a dated home that needs some big changes. It seems overwhelming and daunting to tackle such a project, but when buyers see obstacles, I have the vision to see a home’s potential. This is one of my absolute favourite types of clients to work with because they think just like me. In fact, my family just went through a major overhaul of our latest home for the sake of a lot in a highly sought after crescent in the city. When I walk into a home that hasn’t seen any updates in decades, I can immediately see what needs to be done to improve the functionality, flow, and overall look within minutes.

Renovating an older home is no walk in the park, but it’s completely worth it after you see the transformation. You tend to get more for your dollar/square foot with an older home and it usually comes with a larger lot, in a mature neighbourhood. If you can see past the choppy layouts, shag carpets, and those dated cabinets, you can begin to visualize what the home could actually look and feel like. You can capitalize and take this opportunity to live in an area that many may shy away from because they think it’s too hard to get the home where it needs to be. But, like a secret weapon, this is where I come in to give you the tools to make your dreams a reality.

Not only do I have a tonne of connections with reputable trades to make your vision a reality, but I can also discuss how mortgages plus improvements work and give you great advice of which homes would be ideal for this type of project. Stretching your money to reap huge rewards is what I do best. Let me help you eliminate the overwhelm of buying a renovation project and give you the insight and advice you need to tackle this kind of purchase. I currently have openings this spring for those on the hunt for their fixer-upper in a location of their dreams. Give me a call and let’s start the conversation.

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