Preparing Your Closet So It’s Show Ready

Closet Organizing & Styling Tips  

It’s difficult to feature most closet spaces in our listing photos and marketing posts so we’ve put together some closet organizing and styling tips to get your closet ready for the listing photographer.

  • Edit you closet- Remove any clothes that you no longer wear and get a jump start on packing. The less items the larger the closet space looks. 
  • Put all clothing on the same style hanger- This creates a uniform look. Also, make sure to have your clothes facing the same way and take out any extra hangers.
  • Color block- Lightest through the rainbow to darkest. 
  • Remove items from the top shelf and floor- This makes your closet look larger and gives a streamline look. 
  • Add baskets in open shelving- This decreases clutter and is much more pleasing on the eye than a pile of shoes or T-shirts. 
  • Style like a boutique- Display your nicer pieces like your closet is now a boutique. Front face purses, shoes and other accessories. 
  • Choose a colour palette- Keep the neutrals, whites, greys, blacks and stick with one other colour, removing all other pieces. These items can go right back in after the photos are taken.
  • Take a test photo- See how it looks in a photo, look for any eye sores and do a final edit from there. 

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