Keeping The Kiddos In Mind With Your Landscape Design

Let’s face it, our backyard landscaping usually is the last thing on the “to-do” list after taking on a new build or major reno. By now, you are probably exhausted, creatively drained, and the budget is a little thin. Don’t worry, we hear ya. Our backyards, now, more than ever needs to have family function as a priority. So, whether you are taking on a clean slate or wrangling an overran jungle of weeds, here are a few things to keep in mind when you are planning out your yard when you have little ones at home.

Plan For Both The Short Term & Long Term Functionality

Do not start anything without a well thought out plan. How do you envision you and your family using the yard? How is that going to change over time? Don’t just think about what you and your kids need now, think about how those zones will evolve over the years to come. For example, if you are thinking about building a sandbox area, maybe as your little ones grow out of it, it can become a beachy fire pit area or a lounger spot for those lazy Sunday afternoons. Consider what life is going to be like five years down the road. Are you thinking about getting a dog? Is there a hot tub in your dreams? These all need to be considered and well thought out before you begin.

Design With Zones In Mind

Before you slap down some sod and throw a deck up, think about how you want to lay out your zones: you’ll probably want a spot where you can BBQ and dine, a space where you can lounge and unwind, and a place where the kids can play. Keep in mind which way your yard faces, if you need to install elements for privacy and shade, and what will grow the best in your area.


If you have little ones, you need to keep in mind how you are going to keep your yard safe, so you don’t have concerns when you let them run wild out there. Some things to think about are various levels, lots of stairs, pool hazards, fire pits, what type of materials you are using, and gates.

Storage Smarts

It seems that kids have a lot of stuff in tow when it comes to backyard living. All the toys, slip n’ slides, buckets, water guns, and sporting gear tend to become an eye-sore, and if they aren’t stored properly, they will break down incredibly fast. One thing to think about is to use some clever storage solutions like finding benches that serve as double duty for storage and seating, having a designated spot in a play house, or utilize deck boxes for their toys so they can be easily found and put away on a daily basis.

Think About The Winter Months

Since we have snow almost six months out of the year, having a backyard that you can play in during the winter months is crucial in our province. Planting deciduous trees that are green all year long, with help with the visual aesthetics. Having a place where the kids can build a snow man, and a spot like a year around play house is a great way to utilize your outdoor space all year long.

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