Jessica Dunn – Listing Specialist & REALTOR®

Originally from Vibank, Jessica grew up with a solid work ethic and a strong sense of community. Earning a full scholarship to the University of Regina, Jessica received a Kinesiology Degree, specializing in assisting people with disabilities. Helping people has always been in her blood and it has strongly reflected not only in her real estate career, but also in the work she does in her community. Jessica strongly supports the local YWCA, a worthy cause that assists women and children in domestic abuse situations. She also donates vital funds to local recreational groups in and around her hometown.

Since 2008, Jessica has been proud to call real estate her passion and life long career. Her specialization moving forward with the JC REALTY  TEAM will be in marketing and ensuring that our listings look amazing, where she has extensive experience in. Designing and implementing marketing strategies, de-cluttering, styling and staging will be her main focus with her position. Getting your home “show ready” is an incredibly critical step if you want to sell your home for top dollar in as little time as possible and this is where Jessica truly shines. In fact, she de-cluttered, styled, and staged over 90 homes in 2019 alone. She is a vital asset to connect with long before you list since she can help you edit, sort, and organize your home well before the “For Sale” sign even hits your front yard. Using your existing furniture and decor will help you maximize the potential in your space without breaking the bank. And if your home needs a little extra pizazz, she can lend you some of her staging inventory for our professional videos and photos. Since you will have already done the prep work with Jessica well before you even list, your moving day will be significantly easier since you’ll be moving fewer possessions and will have already started to efficiently pack! WIN-WIN! 

And if you are looking to “Fall Back In Love” with your space, she’s got you covered. See her de-cluttering packages below!

Jessica currently resides in White City with her husband Leigh, and two daughters Samantha & Evelyn. When she is not running around after her girls, she enjoys working in her yard, travelling, and golfing (very poorly)! She also tries to catch the Toronto Blue Jays games in the summer months every chance she gets.

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Feel free to tag anyone who is looking for some help in this department!
These are pretty stressful times, and for those of you incredibly worried about money, regardless if you are down to a single paycheck, about to go on EI, or just looking to find ways to help save and trim where you can right now, tune in!
This Live is going to cover how my family has been working on this whole "living with less" thing for the past six months and how it has impacted our spending on food. We went from spending over $1,200 a month to $600 on food and I'm hoping a few key tactics will help you save some money moving forward during this pandemic.
Hoping to keep it down to 15 minutes and will stay on for any questions.
If you have any questions ahead of time that you would like me to tackle, please feel free to throw them in the comments or send me a DM.
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Spring cleaning has come early for most of us. If you are anything like me, you have been disinfecting like a mad women on a daily basis.

Organizing chaos has always been a sense of calm for me, and I know that if it wasn’t for living with less stuff, I would be drowning right now. Physical clutter would get in the way with me being able to cope with the big stuff like handling uncertainty, keeping my feelings in check with my little ones, and becoming highly aware of when I need a break.

If you have been interested with how our family has been working on living with less, maybe minimalism might be up your alley too! Send me a DM if you want to find out more and what benefits we have been gaining because of it!

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AND THE WINNER IS... Holly Ross - I’ll be reaching out to this weekend! Congrats (full disclosure... this was also coloring time with my little one)! Holly has won a complete CLOSET CLEANSE with me!

Closets are a great place to hone in on what you love and what no longer serves you. Holly is going to gain some awesome skills during our session. Can’t wait to meet you girl!

There is no better way to take control of your house and your belongings than to take time and figure out what you actually have.

There is no doubt in my mind that I have handled this surge of uncertainty better now than I would have six months ago before completing a full on tidying marathon. Living with less has provided more space in my mind to cope with the big stuff better. If you need help in this department, send me a DM! I’m here to help!

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Ok... enough of feeling like shit and tackle what you can control.

This is the time to finally tackle those things you’ve been putting off or wish you had the time for!

Now is the time to be present with those around you, check in on those that you haven’t chatted with in awhile and do at least one thing to take care of yourself today!

I know that one way to become more mindful and present is to tackle both physical and mental clutter in your way. So it’s CONTEST TIME!!! I’m offering one free CLOSET CLEANSE session to one lucky winner this week!
This is how it works. Like and tag someone who would love to tackle this area of their home or tell me why you are ready to make a change yourself! The lucky winner will be drawn on Friday morning! And sorry... this is for those who live in Regina and surrounding area.

This isn’t just for people with overflowing closets! It’s for those that are overwhelmed, feeling bogged down, and having trouble relaxing!

Sometimes you need an accountability coach to help you through the process. The first step is to actually analyze what you own. This process will still allow you to have an incredible wardrobe that you love but it also forces you to become aware of items you truly need to feel confident in! This Closet Cleanse will also impact your spending habits moving forward (I’ve helped some clients cut their clothing spending by 1/3)! Here’s your chance to take back what you can control!

For info on other services I provide, check out the link in my bio.

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What a shitty week.

With all this uncertainty, chaos, and panic... it’s hard not to be incredibly anxious. Stockpiling, over-eating, consuming fear-based media... it’s hard not to give in when you are searching for some comfort and control.

Living with less has definitely been helping me through this week. I’ve been living for the past six months with way less stuff and it’s shown me that I don’t have to use excess to keep my feelings in check. Another de-cluttering bonus that I never anticipated. Not going to lie, I have been anxious but not as bad as usually would get during uncertain times. ⚡️It was family time as per usual for us this weekend because our kids were never scheduled for a tonne of commitments in the first place.
⚡️I had time to tidy and relax with the family because it doesn’t take hours to clean when you live with less.
⚡️Weekly food shopping was quick since I only shop for what we really need (believe me - it may look like an episode of Chopped at our place but our pantry is full of options).
⚡️Instead of on-line shopping for crap I don’t need, I went in for some serious snuggle time with my girls.

Living with less teaches you to become incredibly mindful of what you do with your time and energy. If this is something you could use a hand with... I’m still working this week! Send me a DM and I can connect with you to tackle my sessions that you and the whole family can benefit from, including the incredible tactics of handling a Playroom Purge.

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