Ice Damming With Spriggs Inspections

Drastic temperature changes combined with getting hit with a tonne of snow can lead to the devastating effects of ice damming.

Why does it happen?

Ice damming occurs when snow melts on homes with poor insulation or inadequate ventilation only to freeze again against the eaves. This causes ridges of solid ice to build up. Eventually the water has nowhere to go, pools, and freezes again while migrating under the shingles, potentially causing leaks into the home.

If left untreated, ice damming could:

  • tear off gutters and eaves
  • losen shingles and cause leaks into the attic
  • causes soggy insulation that loses R-Value and becomes a magnet for mold and mildew
  • leak into your home causing serious damage to your ceiling, walls, and flooring

You can prevent ice damming by:

  • improving your attic insulation to prevent heat loss
  • improving the ventilation so that the attic remains cool
  • air seal attic penetrations like chimneys and plumbing stacks to prevent heat loss
  • ensuring the gutters are lower than the slope of the roof so snow and ice can glide off
  • have a professional remove the snow and ice off your roof during big snowfalls or purchase a roof rake

This is very typical in older homes in our climate, but we have also seen it in newer homes where the ventilation or insulation is poorly installed.

NOTE: Never walk on a snow covered roof. Make sure you use a roof rake or hire a professional for personal safety.

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