How Clutter Can Sabotage You From Getting An Offer

Most people know that I’ve been on the de-clutter train for quite some time. It’s top of mind not only in my own life but I’ve been helping clients for years with de-cluttering their spaces, so they are “show ready” when it comes time to sell. Many people think that a potential buyer can just see past their messy and overpacked rooms or they have become so used to it that they don’t even notice it anymore. “They aren’t buying my things, right? So what’s the big deal?” ARRRR. Guess again. This is what actually happens when a buyer comes through a home that is full of clutter and why their emotions are triggered to race for the door.

Buying a home is an incredibly emotional purchase. I say this to every single seller we work with. You shop with logic but buy with emotion. That’s why it’s up to you as a seller to set the stage and pull on the buyer’s heartstrings. When your home is cluttered, over-stuffed, and in disarray,  that buyer will have difficulty relaxing. It provokes anxiety for a lot of people which is the complete opposite of what you are trying to accomplish.

Instead of a buyer wanting to explore further of what the home has to offer, they are completely distracted by your things, often paralyzing their thought process. Clutter signals our brains that work is never done and can cause all of our senses to work overtime on things that are not important. For example, instead of focusing on the gorgeous granite countertops that span throughout the kitchen, all the buyer can see is dirty dishes, the smell of last night’s supper, and stacks of junk mail piled on top of the microwave.

Often, when agents show houses, they say, “try to ignore their stuff and focus on the potential this home could have after you’ve moved in.” ARRRR… wrong again. If only it were that easy. Clutter can actually inhibit your imagination because it takes up the space that allows most people to brainstorm or problem-solve. In fact, the majority of buyers that come through the door can’t even imagine their own things in a room, let alone, removing your clutter on top of that. So ignoring the “stuff” isn’t as easy of a task as a seller might think.

That’s where I come in. With my decade of experience as a REALTORⓇ in Regina, I can show you how to create a space that improves the serotonin levels of those looking at your property online and in person. I can amp up the wow factor just by tweaking a few things in your home, and most importantly, teach you the basics of living in a clutter-free house while you are listed and beyond. Your home should be bright, inviting, cohesive, and elicits a feeling of calm and relaxation. Preparing your home so it is “show ready” is my jam and I can provide relief when it comes to all things styling and de-cluttering. I can get you out of your own way, and get your home noticed for the right reasons!

Jessica Dunn is the Listing Specialist with JC Realty Regina
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