How A Designer Can Save You Time & Money

Whether you are buying that fixer-upper or building your dream home from scratch, a designer can actually save you time and money, cutting down the overwhelming stress of completing the project. Jessica had the opportunity to chat with a few of Regina’s top designers, Amanda Brady with Clear Space Design Co., and Christy Lawson, principal designer of House Envy Interiors to find out more about their services and how they help their clients through this process.

Designers help you plan your vision and keep you on budget. Rather than getting lost down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest and Instagram, a keen designer will ask you the tough questions about your style, functionality of the space you want to create, and the overall vibe you want to elicit. They will either design a floor plan or utilize the existing one you have and ensure that your vision comes to life on your budget. That’s their job! They do this kind of stuff every day! They are the experts.

Take advantage of their sourcing skills and local connections. Instead of looking through a myriad of options and then wasting time forever searching for what you are looking for will make you want to rip your hair out, especially when you have a full-time job and juggling the kids’ schedules. There’s a good chance that your designer knows exactly where to get that perfect fixture or specific flooring for less money, and on time.

Astute designers will point out things you didn’t think of. A floor plan is where your vision meets paper, and it may all look fantastic to you, but your designer may point out some major flaws that were not even on your radar. Do you have lots of kids? Maybe a back entryway with storage needs to be looked at. Did you forget about storage spots upstairs by the bathroom? Is the lighting efficient enough for the home office you’ll be spending a tonne of time in? All these little details add up to better functionality, and if you catch these issues ahead of time, you won’t be living with regret!

They will keep you focused on how you want the space to feel. Sure, builders and general contractors have a solid handle of the meat and potatoes of the project, but their forte may not be the final look that you are trying to achieve. That’s where a designer shines. They can better visualize what sight lines you are trying to accomplish, they will have a knack for furniture and artwork placement, and most certainly, their focus throughout the entire project will be the overall essence of how you want the space to make you feel when you are actually living in it.

Keeping The Ball Rolling Is Their Strong Suit. Designers have a solid grasp of when materials need to be ordered at certain stages of your reno or build. So, instead of your contractor waiting on you to pick things out because you have been slammed at work or still fighting with your spouse about which flooring you are going with, your designer has it covered, and it will be on-site when it’s time for installation. This keeps the project on time, on budget, causing way less stress than doing it on your own.

Amanda Brady of Clear Space Design Co. & Christy Lawson of House Envy Interiors chat about how they help their clients get through a massive reno or build.

Amanda Brady | Clear Space Design Co. | Christy Lawson | House Envy Interiors |

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