Home Improvements That Make An Impact But Won’t Break The Bank

Decor Edition: Give Your Space A Makeover Simply By Changing Your Decor

We get it. Home improvements can be pricey. But don’t worry. We got you covered with a few frugal ways to get your space looking fabulous at a fraction of the price of a massive renovation.

Sometimes all it takes is to find some continuity so your space looks put-together, cohesive, and fabulous. “You do this by first selecting a color scheme or accent color,” home staging expert Erica Honoway advises. With her extensive experience on staging properties, decorating homes, and installing window fashions, Erica knows how to transform a space on a budget. Making your choices intentional, with a purpose will lead you to the right selections.

Some go-to ideas to add some personality to a space on the cheap:

  • add pillows, throws, and plants for that pop of color and texture
  • re-arranging furniture or repurposing items from other areas of your home can make your space look new, spacious, and inviting
  • adding a focal point like artwork, an area rug, or mirror can really add an element of interest
  • updating your curtains and blinds not only creates another opportunity to add texture and color, it also will improve your energy efficiency and can prolong the life of your existing furniture and hardwoods
  • de-cluttering trinkets and unnecessary items can make your space feel larger

These steps are all crucial especially when you are thinking about getting your home for sale. In fact, the JC Realty Team makes this a priority whenever our seller clients are ready to list. We offer complimentary styling services to those who need it so their home looks fabulous for those listing photos and showings.

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