Get Organized With A Locker Style Mudroom

Let’s get real here for a second. Once school starts, all chaos breaks loose with clutter. From shoes, backpacks, hockey bags, and laundry… the entrances in your home can get messy in a hurry. That’s where a locker-style mudroom comes in handy so items are out of sight or neatly placed where they should be.

Here are a few of our favourite mudrooms to may give you some ideas and a little inspiration if you feel like you need this in your life!

 The Pet Friendly Locker Room

This locker-style mudroom caught our eye not only for its beautiful punch of color, but it also has a built in kennel for your little fur baby. The durable ceramic tile flooring is also gorgeous when it’s laid in a herringbone pattern.


Mudroom Essentials That Maximizes Storage

When designing your locker-style mudroom, think of how you are able to store both things that can be put away for the season and ideas of where you can make it easy for the kids to grab on their way out the door. This mudroom provides multiple hooks for each family member and a basket above each station for easy access and closed cupboards to hide-away non essentials.

Locker Style Mudrooms That Are Multi-Functional

If you have a tighter space, designing items that serve double duty is key. For example, this handy bench is useful for those little ones to get ready in the morning and it also doubles as convenient storage.




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