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Our Listing Specialist, Jessica Dunn, has helped over 90 JC Realty Regina clients over the past year to make sure their home is looking the best as possible for photos and showings. Why do we care about this so much? Because we know how important the look and feel of your home is for that potential buyer. It could be the factor why a buyer passes your property up over another or why they won’t even bother putting your property on their house-hunting list. After she’s done with your home, Jess would often hear, “Wow… why haven’t we been living like this all along?” “I feel so calm when I walk into the living room now.” “Can you make my new place feel like this?”

Jessica witnessed how de-cluttering has deeply impacted our clients first hand and now she’s ready to tackle your place too! She is now offering her services to those who are ready to make a move or is just ready to fall back in love with their home again!

What Are Some Incredible Benefits From A De-Cluttering Session?

  • Your once foggy brain full of tasks will become sharper and focussed
  • You’ll have more free time to spend with family and friends, doing the things you love instead of constantly cleaning
  • You will save a tonne of time and money because you will become highly aware of your spending habits and will stop buying crap you don’t need
  • Your feelings towards the possessions you keep will change to one of gratitude and love, resulting in you taking better care of your things
  • De-cluttering can rub off on other family members in your home and can improve your relationships

At Home With Jess | De-Cluttering Sessions

Ready To Make A Move

  • This session with Jessica is geared towards those who are one-two months out from listing their home. Her expertise comes in handy when you are trying to figure out what to pack away to maximize your living space for your home to look amazing for that potential home buyer.
  • You will generate more showings, have better feedback, and have more chances to procure an offer then if you didn’t de-clutter. It’s also significantly easier to clean before showings (BONUS)!
  • If you manage a major purge prior to moving, you can let go of the things that are no longer serving you. And tackling this prior to the big move will save you major time and money because you will be moving less.
  • This process will make you so organized that you will be handling possession day LIKE A BOSS!

Fall Back In Love With Your Home Again

  • This is for those who are wanting to do a complete tidying marathon of the entire home.
  • This isn’t just for those that own a lot of stuff. It’s for those who are having trouble relaxing in their space, feel bogged down and overwhelmed, stressed that their finances are a mess, and all of it is starting to take its toll on your relationships.
  • Understanding what you have in your home and letting go of things that no longer serve you will provide a release, allowing new energy, ideas, and creativity to replace what’s causing you stress and anxiety.
  • It will allow you to deep dive on your spending habits which impacts our health, relationships, and overall happiness.

Closet Cleanse

  • This package is perfect for those that have closets and drawers that are overflowing and don’t know where to start. It’s all about having someone to hold you accountable to edit, sort, and organize clothes you actually wear and feel confident in.
  • Realizing what you own is the first step to actually figuring out what you need. Going through this process will still allow you to have an incredible wardrobe that you love but it also forces you to become more aware of items you truly need. The Closet Cleanse has actually helped her clients slash their clothing spending by 1/3!
  • A Closet Cleanse with Jess will also help you fall back in love with your existing wardrobe because your mind will actually have more space to be creative when you are only working with items that you truly love.
  • She can help you organize what you have left so your decision making is more precise when you get ready, making mornings a breeze! It’s all about maximizing the space you have, putting your pieces on display so they are attractive to you, and giving your mind some space to think.

Kitchen Crasher

  • Is your kitchen a complete disaster and you are ready to throw in the towel? If you are struggling to keep your pantry, counters, and cupboards organized, this package is for you. With this space being the hub of the home, it’s no wonder this space can look like a bomb has gone off in no time flat.
  • A cluttered kitchen can not only frazzle your brain, but it can skyrocket what you are spending on food, wreak havoc on your meal planning, and deplete your creativity when your cooking.
  • Completing a Kitchen Crasher session with Jessica will not only impact the daily function of your space, but she can improve your food spending by a third just by teaching you how to become more aware of what is in your home before you go out a shop.
  • This session is also valuable for those who rack up a tonne of spending eating out at restaurants or getting food delivered on a regular basis.
  • Intentional spending and room to think is the key focus in this package and it may also improve your overall health too!

Playroom Purge

  • Are you so sick and tired of having your kid’s crap take over your entire home? Jessica has been there and has personally been utilizing the Playroom Purge tactics with her own kids so that there is less screaming and more playing!
  • The Playroom Purge is perfect for those families that need help with figuring out how to organize their kid’s belongings, how to teach gratitude and love towards their possessions, and regain their common living spaces again.
  • With Jessica there as your accountability coach, she is able to help you sort through the chaos in a non-judgemental way, create a routine that your family can handle, and set out boundaries so that your kids can manage their possessions according to their age and ability level.
  • This transformation is incredible to be a part of, as both the parent and the child will have a different perspective on their relationships with each other and their belongings.

Re-Claim Your Garage

  • If your garage is so full of stuff that you cannot park your vehicle in there… it’s time for a session with Jessica. Your garage should not be a place where your junk goes to die!
  • This package is perfect for those who have piles of crap everywhere in their garage that they are having trouble letting go. It’s also great for those who have a large collection of tools, seasonal items, and sporting goods but don’t know how to store them properly.
  • Having Jessica there to hold you accountable, will take the stress away and it will actually get done instead of constantly putting it off.

Downsizing Services

  • This specific package is geared towards seniors who are looking to downsize within the next year.
  • It will help gain clarity on what you actually need to feel great in at your next home and what you can do with the things that no longer serve you.
  • Jessica is also there to help you if you are having a difficult time letting go of things that have been gifted and collected over the years from loved ones while still keeping the memories and connections intact. She understands your attachment to the things in your home so there is no embarrassment, judgement, or pressure. The more time we have to tackle the items in the home, the more effective this process is.
  • With Jessica’s help, you will be able to sell your home faster and for more money than leaving it full of clutter. She has an experienced team that works with her specifically on downsizing listings so you can feel confident in your decision to sell.

For pricing and to find out more about the process, connect with Jessica.

You can take a look at some of Jessica’s past work that she tackled with styling and decluttering here.

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