Cleaning Tips To Help You Sell Your Home

You’ve made the decision to list but you are feeling overwhelmed with getting it show ready. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there, and keeping it tidy while it’s listed is even more overwhelming to think about. Here is Jessica chatting with Christie Bjolverud with Cleaning With Class to go over the importance of first impressions, tips on how to keep your home clean for showings, and how to tackle that move out clean.

Here are some quick tips to help ease the stress:

  1. Do a full out clean of the home prior to listing. We mean, scrubbing baseboards kind of clean. If your home presents amazing on it’s first impression (a.k.a. the first two weeks of being listed), you will have a better chance of procuring a buyer. Think of it this way: your home is about to go on several job interviews and it needs to look, smell, and feel it’s best!
  2. De-cluttering can be therapeutic and your home will show so much better once you have gone through room by room and have created a junk pile, donate pile, and a sale pile. This is especially beneficial for those who have been in their home for over 10+ years or have kids as you tend to accumulate.
  3. While it’s listed, keep daily cleaners near by so it’s a quick once over prior to leaving the house. Ex. Tuck a microfibre cloth under the bathroom sink and give everything a quick buff after you’ve finished getting ready for the day.
  4. Make your beds. Have the kids do their own in the morning… it’s a great daily task to make into a habit anyway. And if you have 5 different blankets, and duvets, and 15 throw pillows… maybe simply the routine so it’s not so labour intensive.
  5. Do a quick sweep through the house the night before and put the daily clutter in it’s place like shoes, coats, toys. Even make a quick family game out of it! Set a timer and see who can put all of their things away the fastest.
  6. Have a small basket handy for your personal hygiene items so that after you have used them, they can get tucked away out of sight.
  7. Once possession day rolls around, we find that leaving the cleaning until all of your belongings are removed is way quicker and is easier to tackle. Or better yet, hire a professional to clean those walls, cabinets, floors, and bathrooms.

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