Biggest Buyer Turn-Offs

Many sellers ask us about tips on how to get their home show ready. Here is some straight forward advice from the team that every seller needs to hear.

Smoke. This is one of the single biggest turn-offs that buyers find offensive. Your home is automatically worth less money when you smoke in it. You are leaving valuable dollars on the table by practicing your habit indoors.

Dirty/Cluttered Houses. Instead of focusing on the positive features of your property, like the square footage and layout, buyers are looking at day-old dishes in the sink and the teenager’s room that hasn’t seen a vacuum in six weeks. If you struggle with keeping your home clean, here are a few ideas: 

  • Hire a cleaner to come once a week – it may be pricy but you are losing money every time you show the house unclean.
  • Remove personal items, collections, and clutter.
  • Have a quick checklist of things to do prior to leaving for work or before you go to bed like taking the garbage out or loading the dishwasher.
  • Or you could request REALTORS® to provide a few hours notice prior to showings so you have time to make the house presentable.

Pets… Dead or Alive. This topic deserves a blog dedicated to itself entirely. Now, we do understand that furry friends can add a lot of love to one’s family, but sellers need to be aware of these issues:

  • Kennelling your animals for showings may ease buyers and your pet’s anxiety while showing. Coming from a REALTOR® who has been bitten by a “friendly” dog, animals that are roaming around the home can be a huge distraction to buyers. It’s also for the safety of the pet as well as you don’t want them escaping. Not all buyers are going to love your pets—they might be extremely scared of them and can’t get out of your home fast enough. True Story: one time, a bird came flying out of a plant in a living room of a home Jessica was showing. They ran for the door like their lives depended on it and never went back!
  • Cleaning pet odours. You may think you home smells terrific, but you may be so used to the smell that you don’t notice that litter box stench. Give the areas where your pets hang out the most a thorough cleaning.
  • Stuffed prized animals. Taxidermy can be creepy to buyers. It might be time to pack away the deer heads and bear rugs. 

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