Our Listing Specialist, Jessica Dunn, has over a decade of experience as a REALTORⓇ, and knows what it takes to ensure that your home makes a great first impression. Her role is to help develop a strategy to de-clutter, position furniture, utilize your existing decor, and enhance your space so it looks bright and inviting. People shop with logic but buy with emotion, and we want those buyers to fall in love with your home. Styled and staged homes tend to sell quicker and for more money. It entices more qualified buyers to walk through the door and provide more opportunities to procure an offer. Here are just a few transformations that Jessica helped to prepare.

Weekes Crescent

This home was listed previously with another agent. Jessica moved furniture, de-cluttered, and added a few key pieces of artwork and decor to add visual interest. Notice the difference in the composition and lighting of the photos. That’s why it pays to list with a team that uses professional photographers and videographers.

Kliman Crescent

This home needed some proper furniture placement, color, and an old staging trick of Jessica’s to create a bedroom on the cheap! It’s amazing what a few plants, throw pillows, and artwork can do to create visual interest and add softness to a photo.

Laurier Crescent

This home just needed some color balance. The living room presented pretty average until Jess anchored the room with a colorful rug and added some throw pillows. The master had a bold color on the wall, so a solid white comforter created the softer contrast. Lastly, a light colored table cloth calmed down all the wood tones in the dining room so the table wasn’t competing with the floors.

McCarthy Blvd

This happens often, when our clients are in the process of moving out… only the bare essentials are left. But that’s all Jessica really needs… some key furniture pieces. With her tickle trunk of inventory, she can make any space feel homey and inviting.

Wilson Crescent

This home looked a little bare before Jess walked in. By adding simple little touches like throws, pillows, and artwork, this home was transformed into feeling warm and inviting. One little trick to help with the visual esthetics is to tidy up any loose wires/cords around your electronics. Notice the difference it makes in the basement before/after photo.

James Hill Road

Three masterful tools to use when preparing a listing for sale: 1) a professional photographer with a wide angle lens who has a knack for lighting and composition 2) use of white solid colors to help neutralize the space such as the table cloth and the bed comforter 3) furniture placement to improve flow and visual interest to your shot.

Gryphons Walk

Sometimes it just takes the right photographer to focus on the best features of the room. Getting the right angles is key to any real estate shot. Notice how your focus shifts to the stunning mid-century brick fireplace in the “after” shot? The master bedroom looks so large in the second photo due to the wide-angle lens and furniture placement. It’s all about the angles.

Sovanna Point Condominium

This condo was so fun to style since Jess basically started from scratch. Here are three tips she used: (1) the old air mattress trick works wonders for vacant rooms which provided an anchor for the eye in the bedrooms (2) use artwork that is to scale with the space and hang it the appropriate height (note…most ppl hang their artwork too high), (3) taking down the dated valences took years off to make the space feel more modern.

Sage Condominium

Ok… this listing prep work is pretty dramatic. The kitchen before and afters stresses the importance of clearing everything off your counters to make the space look more open and inviting with less clutter. The living room had a miss/mash of furniture, so with simple re-positioning, we made more sense of the space. And lastly, whenever we are presented with a bold wall color, we neutralize it with a simple white comforter to balance the photo. One more trick is to let in as much natural light as possible without interfering with the exposure. Can we get an amen on this transformation!!!

The Retro Split Level

It was an absolute pleasure to style this meticulously kept retro 70’s built split level. We had to add personality to a lot of rooms in this home. Here are the biggest take-aways: 1) Furniture placement is key not only for the flow of the room but for the composition of the listing photo. Example: The office space had a vintage green couch that needed to be the star of the photo. Repositioning it made that possible. 2) In order to be less distracting and to elevate the photos, Jessica took out some dated decor that didn’t make sense with era of the home and replaced with more modern pieces so the buyer can focus on the layout and the details the home had to offer.

Boho Beauty

Sometimes it just takes a few changes that make a huge impact. This seller took our advice and worked hard on styling her walk-in closet so it looks like a showstopper (see our BLOG on prepping walk-in closets). Similar tricks used when a spare is missing a bed (air mattress on tubs), and when we are faced with a bold color palette, Jessica uses white to neutralize and calm down the intensity. Notice the white comforter, white closet curtain, and white table cloth in the basement photos.